Medical pedicure

As a certified medical pedicure, I have been trained in proper hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, skin – nail disorders, Diabetic Foot Care and foot reflexology. I am also a specialist in podo-spray techniques.This modern and professional podo-spray equipment, ensure you a professional and hygienic handling to the removal of calluses, corns, the properly cut and milling of nails and nail problems. Giving advice and the possible detection and removal of the complaints is also part of my job. Medical Pedicure, foot care for both healthy feet and those in need of a little extra care and attention. I offer safe nail care; intense moisturizing treatments and foot care solutions including the safe removal of hard skin, cracked heels or calluses.

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Foot reflexology

Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate reflex areas that relate to different parts of the body. Working on these reflexes can trigger physiological changes that empower the body and mind to heal itself.

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Manicure - Gel Polish

Have you always wanted to have glamorous nails? Nails that would last a long time and color that would not chip away after a few days? Now I have a solution for this, without expensive and complicated processes that are needed for beautiful nails. My new UV Nail Polish product line offers you a long lasting alternative. The selection I offer is continuously expanding with new options to cover the latest fashion trends.

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Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes, proper foot care is very important. Poor foot care with diabetes can lead to serious health problems. As a fully trained medical pedicure I understand the connection between diabetes and foot care. As a person with diabetes, you are more vulnerable to foot problems because diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet. If you have diabetes, even the smallest foot problems such as a cut, can turn into more serious complications. Some of these small complications include: *Ulcers that don't heal *Corns *Calluses *Cracked heels *Hammertoes *Bunions *Ingrown toenails. With these complications, you run the risk of developing diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which is a condition that develops slowly and worsens over time, and Charcot foot, which is a condition in which the bones of the foot are weakened enough to fracture. Taking extra precautions and caring for even the smallest problem can save your foot. I recommend at least a monthly treatment to prevent problems and keep your feet in good condition. In case I detect something that needs more intense treatment I will recommend seeing a qualified doctor.