3 Myths About Reflexology

3 Myths About Reflexology

Reflexology treatment

Reflexology treatment








1- Reflexology hurts.

Reflexology hurts if the therapist is giving more pressure than you are comfy with. That takes place if the professional is insensitive to your directive or if you’re not communicating your requirements.

Countless years earlier in China, healers set out to identify the impact of using pressure to the feet on other parts of the body. They would make contact in a really difficult manner and hold forever until such time as their highly-sensitive topics might report an experience or some sort of shift elsewhere in the body. Those experiments, together with the cultural belief that the end justified the means, established a centuries-long practice of applying really deep pressure when practicing reflexology.

We understand differently now. Science has shown that pain does not heal. Relaxation does. Objective to unwind your customer; it’s not a “search and damage” mission.

2- Reflexology treatments diseases.

The only person that can cure anything is you. Not reflexology, pharmaceutical drugs or surgeries.

By bringing the body into a deep state of relaxation and homeostasis, reflexology re-establishes the environment where the body can treat itself of disease. Your remarkable, wonderful body wants to be healthy. Reflexology provides it a chance.

3- Reflexology is just a great foot massage.

It’s true that reflexology will feel great– no, more than great– like only a Reflex massage can.

There’s more going on than that. The deeper intent of reflexology is to restore homeostasis elsewhere in the body by developing a relaxation response.

Massage influences anatomy (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and bony skeleton) through direct manipulation of those tissues; reflexology, through the nerves, unwinds both the anatomy and physiology (the os of the body: the organs and glands).
So, reflexology is MORE than simply a good foot rub!

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