Medical pedicure vs. conventional health spa pedicure

Podo Spray Trimming nails

Podo Spray Trimming nails

Most of the time our feet are one of the most disregarded components of our physical body. They lug us from factor A to point B, obtain shoved mercilessly into 5-inch platform heels or compressed into level ballerinas. When was the last time you offered your feet some proper tender love and care?

Why a medical pedicure?

We voluntarily spend hundreds of Euros on hair treatment, skin treatment and makeup but exactly what regarding our inadequate feet? They seldom see the light of day, other than throughout open-toe season or when we take a beach vacation. They bear the burden of the daily grind.

Say sayonara to the typical pedicures you’re accustomed to and also obtain prepared for one that will certainly transform callused soles into beautiful buttery-soft pads.

Podiatrists vs. cosmetologists

With medical pedicure there is no footbath like the ones you usually find at spa pedicures. Medi-pedis are performed by qualified as well as experienced foot experts not cosmetologists. Chiropodists are foot medical professionals who treat all skin, nail as well as foot problems and also could encourage you on preventative procedures.

The medi-pedi

The medical pedicure looks much more overwhelming than it truly is. After 45 minutes, your problem feet will have magically transformed into such stunning work of art you’ll hesitate to stroll on them. Excess hard skin is skilfully as well as painlessly gotten rid of with a surgical knife, up until the skin is completely smooth. Toenails as well as cuticles are cleared out and also the nails are filed. Results ought to last approximately 2 months, if feet are moisturised daily.

Why medical pedicures vs. conventional health spa pedicures?

Medical pedicures “sterilise” tools between uses by positioning them in disinfecting product. Medical pedicures utilize one-time blades that come from a sealed package and also are right away discarded after use. Due to the fact that a medical pedicure is done on completely dry feet there is no danger of infection arising from a shared footbath. Every little thing is extremely hygienic whereas hygiene or hygiene specifications cannot constantly be guaranteed in prominent nail beauty salons. With a greater turn over, criteria tend to minimize as well as the likelihood of fungal infections, cross-contamination or ingrown nails (as a result of inadequate cutting).



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