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For the first time in my life, my feet have been treated and it was wonderful. Now they are really happy! Thanks!


I Was extremely happy with treatment received, Karin was so lovely made me feel at ease and treatment was defiantly not as bad as I thought it would of been, she was very gentle and would defiantly go back again without hesitation


Regular reflexology treatments with Karin, has helped with my hormonal imbalance due to menopause. My life has become much more calm and tolerable.”


Karin is meticulous and outstanding in the service that she provides. I always leave happy and refreshed after a pedicure. She’s clean and sanitary. She sanitizes the files and drill bits that she uses and I know they’re sanitized because she does it right in front of me. Go to Karin if you want a long lasting pedicure without any problems. She’s the best in Spain!


Since I began receiving reflexology sessions, my energy levels have increased after every session.


Like many people who have led an active life, I probably viewed chiropody as being for the elderly, and having little relevance to me. So I was incredulous (and rather indignant) when I found that I was getting ‘corns’. But by pure luck I ended up at Happy Feet’s practice at Coin and although skilful chiropody unfortunately cannot wind back the years, it really enables you to enjoy exercise again, whether you run the streets, walk on mountains or just pound the treadmill in the gym. It is no different to going to the dentist regularly except there is less pain and the quality of the conversation is better.


Hello, I cannot believe I waited so long to get my feet done! I guess I thought it was not needed… When I booked my first appointment with Karin I was suffering with my back and I made the appointment to have my nails clipped. Walking in to Karin’s practice, my first reaction was what I’m doing here! (It looked all very professional a bit like a doctors office) But boy was I wrong! The treatment took almost 1hr. and the feet massage at the end just feels heavenly, what a treat! I am over my back problem now, but still would not miss my monthly treat with Karin for the world. It feels so nice and relaxing! I would recommend this to everybody!


I have been struggling with my feet for years, the problems I had where cracked skin, corns and fungus nails. I was very sceptical when handed a leaflet in our local shopping centre but hope and pain made me make the appointment! The treatment was absolutely fantastic and very professional! Most off all, my feet are in better condition now then they have been for years! I would highly recommend Karin to anybody who has any need for feet care! Thank you Karin.


As a man in my seventies, I am supported by a pair of rather old and tired feet. They have served me well, but do require a lot of maintenance and care now, which I can no longer provide. In desperation and pain, I tried several pedicures, to get relief. None accomplished that. Fortunately, someone recommended Karin


“I went to Karin because I had pain in my muscles and joints. By the third visit I think my low back pain improved. By the fourth visit I slept better because my feet don’t tingle, my neck is less stiff and I don’t need to get up and urinate as frequently during the night. This reflexology fixed more areas in me than I had told her about.”


"In the beginning reflexology was a gift, then an indulgent treat which quickly became a 'must'. I find it very effective panacea to coping with the stresses of everyday life. After each appointment I feel relaxed and energetic, happy and motivated and totally free from any prior aches and pains. In short everything seems to work better."


"My feet - my soul!! I incorporated regular reflexology into my recovery treatments for a back injury that recently immobilized me for a month. My feet will start to hurt when my back is in pain. If I nurture my feet it helps my back pain and my overall feeling of wellbeing. I realize now that to neglect my feet is to neglect the core of my being."


Comparing a pedicure by Karin to one you'd get at a walk-in nail place is like comparing a 5*meal to one you'd get at McDonalds -- if you prioritize quality and indulgence over speed and price, the Happy Feet pedi is for you! Plan to spend a full hour in a private, serene setting (not in one of those dreadful vibrating chairs) while Karin uses truly top notch products to detail your feet with precision and skill. Your heels will be buttery soft and your toes will have that glossy just-polished look for weeks. I've been treating myself to Karin's services for more than 2 years, and her manicures are equally good -- in fact, I haven't found anyone in the world (and I travel a lot) who can do a more beautiful manicure. When I wanted my toes to match my shoes for an event, Karin took the shoe and find an exact polish match. Whether I'm getting myself spruced up for a big trip or just want to treat myself and recharge, Karin's chair is the first place I head. It's worth every penny -- you won't be disappointed!


For me, reflexology is the most relaxing experience I've ever had. The sensation of floating is sheer bliss. Reflexology can take the mind and body to a different place - it's one you always want to go back to! Try it!


Thank you Karin for such a professional, friendly and relaxing treatment. My feet feel fantastic after my medical pedicure and Wilde Pedique treatment. I can't wait to come back!

Sara Mackenzie

Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "As brilliant a service as always. Totally professional and caring. I wouldn't go anywhere else and will always recommend you to others. " Recommended!

Diana Laurie

"I have been twice to Karin each time has been a wonderful experience, very professional, hygienic and comfortable surroundings. I have recommended her to family and friends. Upon leaving you feel as though your walking on air." Recommended!

June Crawforth

Sarah says... Medical Pedicure & Gel Polish with Karin Nagels "Thanks Karin from both for once again such a lovely relaxing treatment we have happy feet again. I love my new color especially as I am told its the height of fashion!!!!!" Recommended!

Sarah Tolhurst

Catharina says... Medical Pedicure & Gel Polish with Karin Nagels "Bedankt voor je goeie zorgen!" Recommended!

Catharina Vande Ven

Sue says... Manicure & Gel Polish with Karin Nagels "Can't believe how the Gel polish lasts, and, doesn't go dull!! Mine has been on for a month......" Recommended!

Sue Cochrane

Alexi says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Hi karin, leuk dit te doen. Ik ben zeer tevreden en gelukkig met je behandelingen en met het tegelijkertijd gezellige kontakt wat we hebben. Ik zou zeggen GA ZO DOOR! Het kan niet beter. Gewelid systeem. Gr. alexi" Recommended!

Alexi Kruyt

Monique says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "As always excellent treatment ,thank you " Recommended!

Monique Toviy-Mansfield

John says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "As a diabetic, foot care is very important. I am pleased to recommend HappyFeetCoin who was very thorough, and gentle!, in her treatment of my feet." Recommended!

John Dryden

Wendy says... Excellent professional service every time. Recommended!

Wendy Howard

David says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Absolutely delighted to find a podiatrist of this standard , Perfect and comprehensive treatment in a professional environment. unbelievable care and attention combined with excellent value. Booked my wife in immediately for the "Happy Feet" experience" Recommended!

David Fawcett

Sue says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "My toe nails look great, I've had a problem with my big toe nail which has now been sorted out, and feels good,. I feel like I'm walking on air!! " Recommended!

Sue Broadway

Anonymous says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Excellent! Very professional, spotlessly clean surgery and I was give lots of great advice. I'll be taking my feet to Karin on a regular basis in future!" Recommended!


Natasha says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "I've had an excellent experience. Karin's professional hands made my feet smile. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and make regular trips my self. " Recommended!

Natasha Fawcett

Christine says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "I had a brilliant pedicure with Karin who is a true professional. She makes you feel very relaxed and your are really happy. Would definitely recommend her." Recommended!

Christine Faulkner

Andrea says... Foot Reflexology with Karin Nagels "thank you Karin. a very relaxing hour for reflexology -well worth the visit. i will look at booking again very soon. Recommended!

Andrea Mos

Brenda says... Special Foot Reflexology Offer! with Karin Nagels "Very enjoyable relaxing Reflexology session would definitely recommend."

Brenda Patrick

Wendy says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Absolutely delighted. Very clean and hygienic and Karin is very pleasant and easy to talk to. She can do everything you need to put things right and I will certainly be going again, and again. Glad I found her. Marvellous. +++++ 5 stars" Recommended!

Wendy Perks

Ann says... Foot Reflexology with Karin Nagels "As always Karin was very professional and the foot reflexology very relaxing." Recommended!

Ann Read

Catharina says... Medical Pedicure & Gel Polish with Karin Nagels "Zoals altijd...zeer tevreden!!!" Recommended!

Catharina Vande Ven

Chrissie says... Combo 1: Medical pedicure & Pampering manicure incl. gel polish (hands and feet). with Karin Nagels "Excellent medical pedicure and polish as always. I had a couple of broken finger nails & issues at home so she suggested if I wanted to forgoe the Manicure it would be fine as she had other things she could do., which was lovely of her.I can't recommend her enough." Recommended!

Chrissie Sierwald

My first trip ever to a podiatrist (I am 65) as I usually visit a chiropodist. It was an amazing experience, Karin the podiatrist, a true professional. Relaxing surroundings, immaculate hygiene and the treatments themselves were top class. I had a medical pedicure, gel nail polish and then the icing on the cake, a 50 minute reflexology treatment. A truly memorable experience and one I shall definitely treat myself to again. I even face timed my friend in the UK and showed her my new twinkle toes. Thank you Karin.

Carol Somerton

Christine says... Combo 3: Medical pedicure and relaxing foot reflex with Karin Nagels "The reflexology was very relaxing and enjoyable . I'd definitely recommend it and am looking forward to my next visit." Recommended!

Christine Edmonds

Searched Karin out on the web when suffering with ingrowing toenail. Turns out not the problem. Karin resolved it, she is thorough and meticulous. I have no hesitation in recommending her, as I said to her 'I will be back'. Thanks Karin, what a fantastic service you provide.

Ron Ling

Foot Reflexology with Karin Nagels-Happy Feet "I have had two foot reflexology treatments and have found them to be very beneficial to my overall health. Karin is very professional but puts you any ease explaining the treatment making the experience very enjoyable. I throughly recommended Karin."

Jan Harding

Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels The best ever happend to my feet. Thank you so much Karin. Recommended!

Siegmar Meemken

Ulf says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Happy feet and Karin is the first podiatrist who "understands" my feet. Entrusted I diabetes, she dares to take care of my feet and remove the calluses that bothers me. For the first time in my life, I try to go regularly to the foot care" Recommended!

Ulf Malmroos

Special Foot Reflexology Offer! with Karin Nagels "Yesterday I had the most amazing experience an hour of reflexology,I felt very relaxed and calm and I will Definatly be going back for some more treatment. Thank you very much Karin x"

Jackie Hedley

Robert says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Absolutely fabulous!" Recommended!

Robert Grant

Jeannette says... Special Foot Reflexology Offer! with Karin Nagels "het was weer heerlijk en ik loop op wolkjes :) "

Jeannette Poorter

Angela says... Medical Pedicure with Karin Nagels "Thanks Karina, 1st class service. . No pain today, no more ingrowing toe-nail. I kept the bandage on as you recommended. Will tell my friends about your service. Thanks again - Bye"

Angela Chamley

Sarah says... Combo 3: Medical pedicure and relaxing foot reflex with Karin Nagels All I can say it was an absolute treat and I highly recommend the treatment to anybody who has never tried it . Thank you .

Sarah Tolhurst

My husband and I had the medical pedicure and reflexology. It was our first experience of reflexology and we were both amazed at how much it relieves tension and how Karin was able to expertly say where we held stress and pain. I've had recent problems in my neck, shoulders and lower back, which Karin was able to deduce from my feet without my saying anything. We both felt much lighter and slept incredibly well afterwards. The medical pedicure was also incredibly valuable for us both. We do a lot of sport and really should take more care of our feet but don't! We have also been amazed at the reasonable price Karin charges. She really does make such a valuable set of treatments open to all and we will make a point of seeing every time we are in Spain visiting my parents. She is a wonderful, kind and friendly lady with incredible professionalism, knowledge and expertise in her field of medical and holistic care.

Sam Sierwald-Smith

What a pleasant experience, now I really have happy feet, very professional and reasonable prices. My hands feel happy too after being badly treated after moving. Thank you Karin, I look forward to my next visit. Happy New Year!

Sandy Rookmaaker

Coin's best kept secret, compared to other chiropodists, Karin offers a pain free excellent and under valued service, I have no hesitation in offering her my highest recommendation, from a very grateful patient

Jim Hawkins

Very pleased with my appointment. Being diabetic type 1 she clearly understood the complications of the disease and how it effects the feet. Will book again without hesitation.

Jane Richardson

Amazing French Manicure Enjoyed the whole experience of a new powder process. My nails look the best they've ever been, Karen provides an excellent hygienic service. Very pleased!

June Baldry

Karin, I cannot say just how fabulous the Dip French Manicure has been. Apart from the comments from many people how good they look, it is also wonderful to be able to do all sorts of things (like weeding!) and know my nails aren't going to break. Thank you SO much for your fastidious care. I think you are more than wonderful. Val xox

Val Kohner

Absolutely the best, great attention to detail and concern from Karin who really loves feet (think they talk to her) wouldn't go anywhere else

David Fawcett

Dear Karin, as always my visit to you was a wonderful experience and my feet, toenails and fingernails look fabulous. Thank you for the warm, friendly and professional way you conduct yourself in everything you do. Val

Val Kohner

Highly recommended for diabetics or tender toenails, or ingrowing toenails, mine are no longer in growing and I can wear closed shoes without pain or discomfort. my feet are totally Happy Feet and it shows

Sandy Rookmaaker

Lovely relaxing medical pedicure. Karins care and attention to detail ensures an indulgent luxury experience every visit.

Suzanne Glasby

I was very pleased with my treatment and I thought that the Pedicure for me (I am Diabetic) was excellent. I would recommend Happy Feet to everyone.

Janet Passingham

Karin is absolutely brilliant. She is warm, positive, re-assuring, friendly and so professional. So importantly everything is so pristine clean, totally immaculate. I do recommend Karin to as many people as possible as I know they will not be disappointed. I would never go anywhere else.

Sue Mulliss

Karin was extremely professional and explained every process and recommended aftercare. Now I know why it is called Happy Feet, happy feet, and a very happy customer. See you again.

Lyn Hanby

The whole experience from start to finish was very pleasant and professional with every attention to detail. My feet look amazing and are definitely very happy! Fully recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gyll Ayres

This is the best medical pedicure iI have ever had and would recommend Karen at Happy Feat . Top marks for my Gel Polish on Hands and Feet.

Janet Passingham

I would recommend a foot treatment to everyone to keep your feet happy and healthy. It is a wonderfully relaxing experience and my feet look and feel fantastic. Thank you so much, Karin.

Christine Walton

Very efficient online booking system, a warm greeting from Karin, clean and pleasant treatment room and excellent reflexology session. I left with very happy feet!

Steve Venner

It's a pleasure to leave a review about Karin and treatments...she's a very warm and welcoming person and so nice to lay in the chair and leave it all to her as we chat!!! The medical pedicure is wonderful and I also had the paraffin wax on my feet as they were so dry and I'm pleased I did as my feet are lovely and soft now, lovely treatment, thanks Karin for looking after my feet, I don't think I will find another Karin when I move☹️️☹️️☹️️

Cathy Speed

Karin has perfect instruments to match her skills and expertise. She explains the treatment and gives many tips for after care at home. A v satisfying medical pedicure!

Richard Barber

Karin - thank you for your very professional treatment which was probably the best one I have ever experienced which together with a very reasonable fee makes the long trip from Marbella well worth it. My feet felt indeed very happy. Your only problem was to put back on my knee-long socks. See you again in abt 6 weeks! Claes

Claes Jacobsson


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