Why Foot Reflexology

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Tension relief

Whether you deal with insomnia, migraine headaches, digestive issues or tiredness, the root of lots of illness can be linked to anxiety. Stress can be caused by our own stressful lifestyle, psychological, ecological or physical elements, it is almost completely inescapable. Tension can be damaging to the mind and body. Under the influence of prolonged anxiety the body is less capable of battling disease. Reflexology combats the results of anxiety by promoting relaxation and bringing balance to the body.

Muscle relaxation

Numerous aspects can trigger muscle tension, excessive time sitting in one position, lifting heavy items, workouting with weights or emotional issues are simply a few. Whatever the source, when muscles end up being stressful and over stressed the energy in our body is thrown out of balance. The nerve pathways which connect muscles to the rest of the body ended up being busy. This can result in discomfort, tiredness, irritability or perhaps more tension. Reflexology promotes nerve endings in the feet to launch the energy, relax muscles and recover physical consistency.

Circulation improvement

All the body’s systems need excellent blood circulation in order to work well. The blood brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells and eliminates waste products and contaminants. Anxiety and stress tighten up the cardiovascular system and restricts blood circulation, causing it to become sluggish. This results in the tissues becoming oxygen-deprived; the energy in the body becomes diminished, making all body systems suffer. Reflexology keeps the body’s blood circulation flowing efficiently, which invigorates worn out tissues.

Detoxify and cleanse

Riding the body of waste and contaminants is extremely crucial to your health. When the lymphatic, intestinal or urinary systems end up being blocked due to a develop of toxins and lose the energy in the body stagnates. This might trigger you to feel bloated, lethargic or perhaps sick. Reflexology can release these clogs, helping your body to “let go” and remove toxins and waste, cleansing the body of all impurities. This will certainly encourage the body to naturally recover its own healthy balance.

Body balance

Balance is crucial for a healthy body, mind and spirit. To keep a state of homeostasis the body needs to run smoothly. When there is a malfunction in the body it is thrown off balance. Reflexology is vital to sustain balance in every gland, organ, muscle, tissue and cell in the body, leaving all the systems of the body working totally, and in their natural stability.


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